5 Reasons To Blog For Business


If you’re currently running an online business & consider starting a blog alongside it- you definitely should. And here is why…

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  • It Brings Traffic To Your Website

    Any online business seeks for more visitors on their website. By including an active blog into your business website, you will add more pages to your site as well as have commonly updated content which is SO useful for your overall SEO score.

    How so? Well, each time you publish a new post, it’s an extra indexed page on your site, which means it’s one more chance for you to be displayed in search engines and send traffic to your website through organic search.

  • It Turns Traffic Into Sales

    If you create useful, easy to follow blog posts, there’s more chance that a new visitor will end up buying something from your website.

    For example, if you run an online clothing brand & you publish a wishlist or #ootd type of posts- you can include links straight to the mentioned products. By doing this, you will make the search process way easier for your clients. I bet they will appreciate this.

    It works with any type of business, really. Just be creative!

    It Helps To Establish Your Expertise

    A blog can help you to present your knowledge in the field you’re working. If you constantly publish a useful content for your audience, you will establish yourself as an expert in their eyes.

    Obviously, people are more willing to buy from a business that they trust.

    Every time I get a slightly confused customer on my blog design website– I love the fact that I can send them the content that I have created to clear things up.

    It Creates A Community

    The best thing you can create around your products is a community of active, engaged clients. By writing a blog alongside your business, you’re going to open doors for communication between you, as a business owner & your clients. Make sure to enable a comment area, share your blog content on social media & ask questions!

    It Produces Long-Time Benefits

    Some of my most popular posts are the ones I wrote a year ago. These posts still manage to bring potential customers every single day. That’s why blogging is so awesome:

    “The work I’ve done in the past continues to bring me benefits TODAY.”

    For this reason, you shouldn’t be disappointed if you don’t see immediate results from your blog posts. It might take some time for search engines to pick your blog posts up, but once they’re picked- oh boy it’s exciting!

  • I’m In! How Do I Start My Blog?

    I’m so excited for you! Just go ahead and read this post, it has everything you need.


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