The Virtual Business Lifestyle Top 12 “Lifestyle Design” Blogs


I am a pretty well read guy. I like reading, always have. I have well over a couple of hundred books and can genuinely say I have read every one of them. Although lately I have been spending more and more time reading online, to keep fully up-to-date with the things people are up to – and as my “Virtual CEO” quest continues, I am reading on the subject of Lifestyle Design more and more.

From reading all the wonderful blogs lately on the subject, I thought it might be a good idea to create a little resource here on my own blog, with a list of the all-encompassing Virtual Business Lifestyle Top 12 Lifestyle Design blogs on the internet – and believe me there are some great contenders! I’d like to point out that these blogs are NOT listed in any apparent order, its simply a collection of great content and great minds! So, without further ado, lets get stuck in.


Corbett Barr’s “Free Pursuits”

Corbett Barr is easily one of my fave writers online. He is informative, witty and fun to follow. Free Pursuits focuses on living life to the max now, the way you want to – instead of having to wait until you retire or get rich. His content is always great, up-to-date and I particularly liked his recent article on How to Live a Part-Time Location Independent Lifestyle. 

Johnny Gibaud’s “The Life Thing”

I’m a relative newcomer to Johnny and his blog, but what I have read so far was good enough to make sure he was on this list. A very laid back, and enjoyable ‘voice’ is what Johnny brings to the table. Be sure to check out his post How I Owned The Hell Out Of My Email And Reduced It By 90 Percent Without Being Fired.

Cody McKibben’s “Thrilling Heroics”

Cody tells it how it is. Plain and simple. His direct style, fun-loving attitude towards life, and the realistic way in which is rights and records his videos is something that every aspiring lifestyle designer should engage. Be sure to check out his article Reflections of a Year Living Abroad

Ashley Ambirge’s “Middle Finger Project”

Ever since I read the line ‘Don’t let the pink dress fool you…’, I was hooked on Ash’s blog. This beer loving lady rejects the status quo and rebels against mediocrity. Her content is always easy to get stuck into, and sometimes just down-right hilarious. I particularly loved her How to Start a Revolution (Or 3 Ways to Change the World).

Karol Gajda’s “Ridiculously Extraordinary”

Karol’s take on lifestyle design is an energetic one, that’s for sure. Karol’s overall goal is to help 100 people achieve ridiculously extraordinary freedom. If you ask me, judging by his excellent content, he must be at least 50% of the way there already! Check out his post Travel Light, Travel Anywhere: The Ultimate Light Packing List.

Sean Ogle’s “Location 180”

Sean’s blog has got better and better with time. His travels are vast and adventurous and hi Bucket List is simple incredible. Make sure you check out his post 10 Ways to Enable Your First (or Fifteenth) Trip Abroad.


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